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the-journey-logo-1The Journey ® is an effective and powerful process of self-healing whereby you, along with my guidance, will come in contact with your internal wisdom and inner source. Through this process you can free yourself of body blockages and devastating emotional behaviours. You can experience deeply suppressed emotions on your Journey® Highway. You can find inner peace by finding truth in its deepest core through this form of spiritual healing.
This comprehensive therapy of self-healing is at its optimum when you allow yourself to be completely open and honest during The Journey®. The Journey® is used as an adjunct to medical, psychological or naturopathic treatment.
A trip into the inner self with a Journey® Practitioner cannot replace a visit to the doctor or systemic therapy.






The Various Journey® Processes

Emotional Journey®

This Journey delves through the emotional layers to the source of the inner self. Here, you will find answers to experiences, understand your younger self, learn forgiveness and gain insight into your future.
Duration: Between two to four hours. Includes preliminary talk and follow-up discussion.

Physical  Journey®

This Journey is a path into your own body. We go deep into the organ that keeps the original experience hidden within it. You will analyse this experience, process it, talk to it and change it. The positive healing energy I provide at this time in the process will aid you in finding forgiveness and the confidence you need to take you into the future.
Duration: Between two to three hours. Includes preliminary talk and follow-up discussion

Designer Journey®

This is a journey with components from the above two journeys. It can be customized with pledge changes or behavioural changes. Duration: Three to four hours. Includes preliminary talk and follow-up discussion.

Believe Change  Journey®

On this Journey, you can travel to an old opinion that no longer serves you and convert it into a better one.
Duration: Approximately 1 hour, includes preliminary talk and follow-up discussion.

6 Step Reframe Journey®

On this Journey, you can you break away from bad habits or addictions, such as smoking, drinking, drug use or lack of sportsmanship.
Duration: About 1 hour, includes preliminary talk and follow-up discussion.

Vow Change Journey®

On this Journey you can say goodbye to old oaths and belief systems and replace them with new, positive beliefs that will help you in life.
Duration: Approximately 1 hour, includes preliminary talk and follow-up discussion.

Phobia Cure  Journey®

Any phobia can be worked on during this Journey: Fear of flying, fear of heights, claustrophobia and fear of spiders or small animals. Every now and then, a further Journey is recommended in order to confront the origin of the phobia.
Duration: About 1 hour, includes preliminary talk and follow-up discussion

Pain Control Journey®

This Journey™ helps to relieve headaches, migraines or traumatic pain.
Duration: Approximately 1 hour, including preliminary talk and follow-up discussion.

Life´s Purpose Process  Journey®

This journeys aim is to find out why your soul has come into this world. You are slowly travelling back through time to the point where your soul was not yet in your body. There, you will find out your purpose for being and the motivation of your soul to be in a body again. A very exciting Journey!
Duration: Between three to five hours. Includes preliminary talk and follow-up discussion.

Kids Journey®

This Journey is for children from six to twelve years of age. A kids Journey is an excellent method to treat growing problems such as poor concentration or temper tantrums. Duration approximately 1 hour.

My Offer


250 EUR per session.


I can accompany you on your Journey either in German or English.

Communication Options

It is not absolutely necessary for you to be personally present in my practice. If you do not live in Berlin or Brandenburg, I can accompany you
via Skype  skype or FaceTime. Requirements are that you have total privacy and can commit to the Journey for at least two to three hours.


About me

Jaqueline Rosenkranzleer

Born on December 7th, 1965 in Hamburg, Germany, married, three children
General qualification for Highschool (Abitur), Hamburg
Training as Advertising consultant, Hamburg
Studied Applied Cultural Studies, University Lüneburg, Germany
Degree: Masters (MA)
Course-related work in the PR department of Gruner & Jahr, Hamburg
1995-1997 Marketing, Gruner & Jahr, Berlin, Germany
2003- 2012 Board member of a global charitable organization, Berlin
2012 Start the training as a Journey® Practitioner, Berlin
2014 Own Journey practice
2020 Hypnosis expansion



In 2011, an old friend mentioned that his wife was attending a Journey® Seminar in New York. He spoke of self-healing – I was deeply intrigued. The awareness that the best person to help you is yourself was already deeply embedded in me. Back home, I looked up The Journey® on the Internet and spontaneously registered for a weekend seminar in Hamburg. Once there, I was sceptical at first. However, after two days of seminars, I was beaming because I now understood myself so much better. Each Journey revealed new areas of my own self. One year after my first seminar, I resolved to become a Journey® practitioner. Today it is my desire to help not only myself, but others too.
I can recommend The Journey® as a “highway to the soul” to any person who senses blockages in their mind or body and who is not completely happy. Everyone deserves to be happy. I would like to help you to heal yourself. I am grateful every day to have learned this method and I would like to help you to better understand yourself and so be happier.


What My Clients Say About Me:


Jaqueline and I sat facing each other. My chair was pleasant, a warm blanket and a glass of water were available. In the room itself, I felt very comfortable. Jaqueline’s voice allowed me to gently journey into my past. Jaqueline accompanied me sensitively and powerfully. I could get involved immediately in this. Images appeared and disappeared again, my past came alive, Jaqueline allowed me to “dream”, on the one hand and, on the other hand, she guided me with a steady hand through my childhood and adolescence. Since the Journey®, I have more confidence in my life and the lives of my daughters. The fear that my experience in the system recurs (???) was something I could identify through the Journey® as my fear and deal with it. – Barbara M.


Incredible – it was only during the “Journey®” that I understood that my being hurt by a person close to me was still stuck in my subconscious, even though I had considered the whole matter as having been overcome long ago. Since then, I have been working on completely releasing the way back into my heart for this person
– R. Dreiwitzki


I have made several Journeys® with JR. Her super calm and positive manner has made it easy for me to entrust myself to her and to go on the journey together with her. I have processed several problems and have come to the core each time! For one the relationship with my husband and then my hectic way of rushing through life. Both things we were able to work through and resolve. I would do a Journey® with Jaqueline again any time! I appreciate and admire her work!
– Julia N.


I have experienced both an emotional and a physical Journey®. Both Journeys® have helped me a lot, both emotionally and physically. I was able to forgive the person in question, something that has freed me up and my existing physical pain that was raised as an issue subsided substantially. Both sessions have not only helped me but convinced me. I shall be delighted to participate in a further session.
Thanks, Jaqueline
– Hartmut W.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Journey ® ?

A Journey® according to Brandon Bays is an accompanied journey into oneself with the objective to process past, painful situations and thus to remove blockages.
It is a possibility to consciously become aware of one’s feelings and thoughts with the objective to forgive oneself and others and thus to heal.


For whom is The Journey® suitable?

Journey® is suitable for all people from the age of 6 upwards.
Journey® is suitable for those wishing to no longer feel like the victim, for those that wish to find their inner strength and vitality once again.
Journey® is recommended for those who are ill or have a fatal illness.


For whom is The Journey® not suitable?

Journey is not recommended for those with severe mental disorders.


Is The Journey® tied to a specific faith?

No. The Journey is designed for all people.


Will The Journey ® work for me?

The Journey® according to Brandon Bays has helped a lot of people. After Journey therapy most participants experience changes. However, there are no guarantees.
The Journey® is applied as an efficient self-healing method worldwide. Journey therapy is not only practiced through private practitioners but it is also used in some institutions like hospitals (e.g. in Israel) schools and prisons.


Is The Journey ® paid for by the health insurance companies?

No, currently there is no assumption of costs in Germany.


How many Journey ® processes do I need and at what intervals?

This is very individual and depends on the severity of your problem and on how long it has existed. Initially three Journey processes are recommended. You can determine the intervals in between them. You will sense when you have worked through the first process and are ready for the next Journey.


How can I best prepare for a Journey® ?

1. It is very helpful if you come to the session with a precise question.
2. You should be neither hungry nor full nor under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This can complicate access to your emotions.
3. You should bring along enough time and have no strenuous appointments afterwards.

How will I feel after a Journey® process?

This is different from person to person. You can feel better than you have ever felt before or you can feel tired and exhausted. Your body may go through a decontamination process. As such you should drink a lot of water in the immediately after and in the evening. If possible, relax in a bathtub with sea salt. Dreams, memories and emotions may increasingly come up. This can be interpreted as a good sign and means that you are processing old stuff.


What to expect of me during a Journey® ?

You will be accompanied comfortably and safely guided by me at all times. You may experience feelings and thoughts that you have not allowed to come up before. Through letting go of your emotions and through pronouncing what has never been said before, you will feel free and feel a sense of relief. One thing you can be sure of, only topics will come up for the processing that you are ready.


Is the Journey® suitable for children?

YES! Parents often report that their children are happier, more creative, and more free and often also have improved social skills after a Journey. Even performance at school can improve. Journeys with children often need less time than adults because children are very imaginative and honest in their responses.



Jaqueline Rosenkranz
WhatsApp und Tel.: +49 163 303 77 03


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